What happened with Colby Brock? Fans offer their support in the aftermath of a heartbreaking cancer diagnosis

Colby Brock, best known for his YouTube channel Sam and Colby, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

On February 7, the 26-year-old celebrity took to Twitter to share a lengthy note describing his cancer diagnosis and how he found out.

“I went to see a doctor for pain in my lower pelvis/left testicle, and after scans/blood work, I was told I have a mass in my ball that is 95% likely to be cancer,” he wrote.

Brock said he is still in “disbelief” about his diagnosis, but scans show it was detected early.

“I went to surgery yesterday to have my cancer ball removed, so the difficult part is already done. I should find out in a couple of weeks whether I need additional treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation.”

He also urged his followers to get checked, claiming that he “never suspected” he had cancer at the age of 26. In response to his female fans, he stated:

“Actually, ladies, this is a great reminder to check yourself as well; if you feel anything out of the ordinary, don’t wait until it’s too late!”

Twitter reacts to Colby Brock’s cancer diagnosis with “love and positive recovery vibes

Brock asked his fans in a tweet to get themselves checked if they noticed anything unusual in their bodies. Brock concluded the post on a positive note:

“I’ve been trying not to worry about myself because I’ve been staying so positive and optimistic about the situation. I’ve been in good spirits even after surgery yesterday. I promise I’m going to be fine.”

Colby Brock’s friends and fans reacted quickly to the post, sending their best wishes to the YouTuber. Several users praised him for his “bright” and “positive” demeanour and wished him a speedy recovery.

A brief history of Colby Brock

Colby Brock was born in Stanley, Kansas on January 2, 1997. Gage Brock is his younger brother.

He is well-known for his popular YouTube channel, Sam and Colby, which he co-founded on October 28, 2014, with Sam Golbach. The channel currently has 8.54 million subscribers.

Previously, the duo created Vines.

Brock and Golbach’s YouTube channel is primarily dedicated to exploring haunted locations in America and documenting their reactions in the Overnight and Exploration series. In January 2014, they collaborated with Jack Dytrych to create the video Inappropriate Songs While on Hold.

Colby Brock also has a YouTube channel with the same name where he posts additional content.

Brock and Golbach were arrested on January 26, 2019, for trespassing into an under-construction abandoned school and announced in April of that year that they would no longer be making videos.

They did, however, announce their return just a month later, in May.

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