Viking Wolf Netflix:movie worth or not?Review of Netflix’s Viking Wolf

Viking Wolf is the most recent addition to Netflix’s growing collection of Norwegian films. The film premiered exclusively on Netflix on Friday, February 3, 2022. The Viking Wolf film’s director, Stig Svendsen, also co-wrote it with Espen Aukan.

According to the official synopsis for the film, which was released by Netflix:

“Thale, 17, is forced to relocate with her parents to a small town after her mother accepts a position with the local police department. Thale becomes a key witness after a student is brutally murdered at a party she attends. Who or what was the murderer?”

Due to its heartbreaking storyline, the film has received a lot of positive attention from viewers since its release on Netflix. Viewers also praise the film’s excellent cinematography and lead actors’ performances.

Review of Netflix’s Viking Wolf: A fascinating and terrifying storyline

The Norwegian film is about a teenage girl named Thale who goes insane in the town of Nybo after being infected by a mythical creature known as a werewolf. It also shows Thale’s relationship with her mother, police officer Liv Berg, and Liv’s second husband, Arthur.

Writers Aukan and Svendsen have done an excellent job of presenting elements of Norwegian folklore in modern settings. The film’s writers have created an intriguing storyline that is steeped in the essence of traditional creature-based projects.

The film is successful because of the manner in which the events of the film are narrated and displayed.

The film was elevated by impressive cinematography

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The film’s cinematography is one of its most notable features. The cinematography in the film is guaranteed to captivate and adventure the audience.

Trond Tnder, the film’s cinematographer, has done an excellent job of providing viewers with several spine-chilling sequences. Tnder’s capture of a number of highly riveting scenes in the Norwegian film has undoubtedly improved the film’s quality.

Several scenes, such as the one in which Thale witnesses another girl being attacked or the one in which officer Berg first sees the beast, are extremely compelling.

The main cast members deliver riveting performances

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Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne, who plays Thale, is a young actress who has done an excellent job of portraying all of the character’s complexities.

The actress has delved deeply into the character, bringing out all of its dark nuances. Scenes like the one where she tries to hide her wounds from her mother or the one where she sees Jonas’ dead body are particularly riveting to watch.

Liv Mjönes, who plays Thale’s mother and a police officer, has also done an outstanding job in the role. Her on-screen presence is quite strong, and the way she has portrayed the complexities of her relationship with her daughter is quite impressive.

Arthur Hakalahti as William, Sjur Vatne Brean as Jonas Larson, yvind Brandtzaeg as Eilert Sundas, Kasper Antonsen as Vidar, var rn Sverrisson as Olav, and several others are also on the cast list. They also did an excellent job portraying their respective characters in the film.

Don’t forget to check out Viking Wolf, which is currently available on Netflix.

Did you know about?

The horror movie playing on the TV in the first scene with the sisters Thale (Elli Müller Osborne) and Jenny (Mia Fosshaug Laubacher) is “Cold Prey (2006)” (“Fritt vilt”) directed by Roar Uthaug who directed the Netflix movie “Troll (2022)”. The screenplay for “Troll (2022)” was written by screenwriter Espen Aukan who also co-wrote “Vikingulven”.

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