“Truly a low point in our society,” says Anthony Lowe Jr., whose video shows cops shooting a man with no legs

A graphic video of Anthony Lowe Jr., a double amputee, being fatally shot by Huntington Beach police has surfaced online. On Thursday afternoon, the incident occurred. Internet users were outraged by the incident and chastised the cops for their actions.

Anthony Lower Jr., who used a wheelchair, could be seen holding a knife and scrambling away from several police officers who appeared to be pointing weapons at him in the confrontation video that has been circulating on social media. Shortly after, he was fatally shot multiple times by the copy.

The Huntington Park Police Department revealed that their officers responded to a call on Thursday afternoon, when they were told that a man in a wheelchair had stabbed him. When the police arrived, they confronted Anthony Lowe Jr. Officers stated that they attempted to tase him at first, but he continued to threaten them with a knife. As a result, they opened fire on him.

They handcuffed Lowe Jr. after firing at him. He died at the scene, however.

Netizens react to Anthony Lowe Jr.’s shooting.

After learning of Anthony Lowe Jr.’s death, internet users were outraged. Many people were outraged that the officers shot at a double amputee. Following recent police brutality cases across the country, netizens demanded an improvement in police reforms. A few online comments read:

What happened to the officers who were involved in the death?

According to Lieutenant Hugo Reynaga of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, the officers involved in Lowe Jr.’s death have been placed on administrative leave “for a few days.” There appears to have been no official disciplinary action taken.

The LA County Sheriff’s Office, Huntington Park Police Department, and the LA County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Bureau are currently investigating the incident.

people said : The cops murdered yet another disabled Black man. This time Anthony Lowe Jr in Huntington Park, California. He was trying to run away on his double amputated legs. Please turn off auto play, the video is already being shared widely. Please learn about and push for abolition.

In the wake of Lowe Jr.’s death, his mother Dorothy Lowe said in a press statement on Sunday:

“They murdered my son while he was in a wheelchair with no legs. They really need to do something about it… This is a far worse situation than George Floyd’s. When these videos are released, it will be all bad.”

Cliff Smith, an activist with the Coalition for Community Control Over the Police, urged LA County District Attorney George Gascón to charge the officers involved. He also stated at a press conference, “We want specific justice.”

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Who was Anthony Lowe Jr.?

Anthony Lowe Jr. was 36 at the time of his death. He also had two teenagers and lived in South Los Angeles. Ebonique Simon, the mother of one of his children, described him as a “loving, caring father.” She also revealed that he suffered from “a lot of depression” after losing his legs.

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