Top 10 best comedy movies to watch on Netflix 2023

Watching comedy films late at night is one of the most common ways to unwind after a long day of tiring work or hours of studying, and accessing such films is now a piece of cake thanks to OTT platforms.

Streaming platforms such as Prime Video, Hotstar, and Hulu have made it possible for viewers to watch their favourite comedy movies without having to purchase them separately. Popular films such as Superbad, American Pie, and The Hangover are now available on these services.

Wedding Crashers, Vacation, and 8 other must-see comedy films are available on Netflix.


1.) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

IMDb score: 8.2 The satire in Monty Python and the Holy Grail is unparalleled in the history of surreal comedy films. The film also functions as a very witty comedy, with absurd and hilarious humour to a large extent. The comedy in the film has aged like fine wine, which is a very rare feat for films in this genre, making it a must-see for all comedy fans. This Netflix comedy film is a parody of the legend of King Arthur, the legendary king of Britain, and his quest for the Holy Grail. In the film, King Arthur gathers his knights and sets out on a quest to find the holy relic. After much commotion, the knights set off on their individual adventures.


2.The Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021)

IMDb rating: 7.6
This is one of the best lighthearted comedy films out there, with excellent animation. The blend of science fiction and physical comedy was perfect, and the humour was unique and entertaining. The film is a fantastic animated comedy that you should watch with your family. The Mitchells set out on a road trip to drop off their daughter Katie Mitchell at college, which is centred on a quirky story about a family saving the world. However, on the way, they discover that they have entered a robot-infested world in which all technological appliances have taken over. They are the last hope for humanity. The Mitchells attempt to save the world with the assistance of two other robots.


3.The Lego Batman Movie (2017


comedy film that is well-written This film is a parody of the famous DC character Batman, with very unique humour and wit, and the sarcasm worked very well. It is aimed at both adults and children, and the film is both refreshing and entertaining. The film is without a doubt one of the best animated comedies ever made. The Lego Batman Movie, a spin-off of The Lego Movie, is a very witty parodic take on the DC character. In the film, Gotham’s watchful protector confronts the city’s villains, specifically the Joker. Until the end, it sheds light on Batman’s ego, personality, and relationships with other DC characters. In addition, as the film progresses, Batman learns to collaborate with other characters rather than working alone.


4. 21 Jump Street (2012)

IMDb- 7.2
21 Jump Street is one of the best deadpan comedy movies out there, with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum playing their roles flawlessly and crafting a very good action comedy. Based on the popular 1980s television series of the same name, 21 Jump Street is a film about two rookie cops, Schmidt and Jenko, who go undercover in a school to bust a drug ring because a dangerous synthetic drug is slowly taking over teenagers. They struggle to fit in with the new generation, but eventually enjoy high school life to the point of forgetting about their mission.


5.Wedding Crashers (2005)

The film is an adult romantic comedy in which the raunchy elements are perfectly balanced with the romance. The protagonist duo was very funny, and they each had their own strengths. Wedding Crashers stars two lifelong friends who are divorce mediators. They attend weddings in order to seduce women for one-night stands. Things seemed to be going well until Gloria, the Treasury Secretary’s daughter, became obsessed with Jeremy during one of his encounters. Owen Wilson as John and Vince Vaughn as Jeremy were the icing on the cake, delivering numerous hilarious scenes in the film.

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6.We’re The Millers (2013)


We’re The Millers is a modern-day comedy with an excellent cast. Each character has a comical role of their own, which the cast flawlessly executes. The film’s humour is distinct and one-of-a-kind. The plot begins with a drug dealer, a stripper, a runaway, and a nosy teenager banding together to pose as a loving family in order to smuggle drugs into the country. When local drug dealer David is ordered by his boss to travel to Mexico to pick up one of his supplies, he forms a phoney family and travels in an RV. As they cross the border, the family encounters a number of unusual situations. The plot continues to take hilarious turns.

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7.Rush Hour 3 (2007)

IMDb- 6.2

Whether you like Rush Hour or not, Bruce Lee and Chris Tucker made an impression in this pure old-school comedy film. Rush Hour 3, the third instalment of Jackie Chan’s popular Rush Hour series, is about a failed assassination attempt on Chinese Ambassador Han by a criminal organisation called Triads. Lee and Carter, a hilarious police duo, march to Paris to track down the organisation and end up encountering some dangerous gangsters. But, to spice things up even more, a new twist is revealed.


8.Vacation (2015)

IMDb- 6.1
Vacation is the sequel to the popular 1983 comedy film National Lampoon’s Vacation and is jam-packed with comedic scenes. Rusty Griswold, a pilot for a low-cost airline, tries to bond with his family by taking them on a vacation to his favourite childhood haunt, Walley World, where he also intends to spice things up with his wife, Debbie. However, some amusing incidents on the way derail his entire plan.


9.Grown Ups (2010)

IMDb- 5.9
This film is ideal for fans of dark humour. Grown Ups is an ideal watch if you want to see adults who have been best friends for years reuniting and enjoying their lives to the fullest in the most comedic ways. Marcus, Rob, Eric, Kurt, and Lenny had a good laugh together 30 years ago. Work and family responsibilities have taken away all of the fun from their lives. In addition, the death of their school’s basketball coach brings them back together.


10.That’s My Boy (2012)

IMDb – 5.5
That’s My Boy is not your typical Adam Sandler film, and it contains some dark humour. If you don’t take offensive jokes seriously, this movie is for you. Adam Sandler plays Donny Berger, a drunken, irresponsible bachelor who had a child as a teenager with his schoolteacher Mary McGarricle. Donny raises his son Todd, played by Andy Samberg, until he abandons him one day. Years later, Donny learns that Todd is getting married. He tries to bond with him in order to be a father figure, but instead causes major problems in his son’s life.

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