This Week’s Top Stories About What Happened To Rollan Roberts ll Wife?As a press conference video goes viral, the focus is on his family.

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After his wife Rebecca Roberts fainted at the White House on January 21, Dr. Rollan Roberts II came under fire on social media.

The incident occurred when Rollan announced his intention to run for President in the 2024 election. According to video evidence, a person standing next to Rebecca attempted to assist her, but Rollan was seen standing in his place.

He waited for a few moments before running towards her to help. Rebecca is reportedly doing well now and the pair thanked the first responders for their help. They were also grateful for the care and concern people showed them on social media.

Rollan Roberts II’s wife fainted while five months pregnant at the White House.

Rebecca Roberts fainted while visiting the White House with her husband, Dr. Rollan Roberts II, and the incident alarmed the public. Rebecca is five months pregnant with her first child, according to the Independent.

Rebecca is now doing well, according to recent reports. She also addressed her husband’s “unjust criticism,” informing Newsweek:

“The unjust criticism and outrage directed at my husband’s response time is vexing. I was standing behind him, and with all the movement going on around us during the announcement, he couldn’t see what was going on.”

She further explained that according to the video, Rollan rushed towards her a few seconds after he saw her faint. She stated that Rollan helped her by pausing the press conference and consulting health experts on whether they can continue further.

she added:

“One of my favourite things about my husband is how well he looks after me and prioritises my needs. He is a steady and stable leader who responds rather than reacts. He doesn’t panic under pressure, and the rest of the world is about to see what kind of man and husband I have.”

Rollan Roberts II and Rebecca Roberts tied the knot in 2021. Rebecca is a model and has been a spiritual advisor and choreographer for the Miss United States Pageant. She was also the executive producer and choreographer for Miss New Jersey International and choreographer for Miss Florida Cosmos United States and The USA Ambassador Pageant.

Transform Africa was founded by Dr. Rollan Roberts II.

Transform Africa was founded by Dr. Rollan Roberts II, who recently announced his candidature for President of the United States. The organisation works in Africa to address issues such as access to clean water, business education, food security, and national security. It aims to transform the continent’s economy, technology, and education.

Dr. Rollan Roberts II addressed the Chinese government and world leaders at Harvard University about the trade war between the United States and China. He was the CEO of the Hoverboard Company, and the African diplomatic designation of His Excellency as Peace Ambassador to Nations was bestowed upon him by the International College of Peace Studies.

Rollan Roberts II was also a nominee for the U.S. Department of Defense in the Civilian Central Command Task Force and a member of the U.S. Delegation to South Sudan. He has been an advisor to national governments on issues related to diplomacy, security, entrepreneurship, education, and water.

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