Song Hye-kyo made an astounding $163,000 USD for The Glory

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According to renowned Entertainment journalist Ahn Jin-young, who works for the news organisation Moon Hwa Ilbo, Song Hye-Kyo reportedly made an astounding USD 163,000 for The Glory.

The Glory star’s salary is equal to that of Jun Ji-hyun, according to Ahn Jin-young.

The outstanding Hallyu actor most recently participated in the wildly successful Netflix drama The Glory, a revenge series that follows Moon Dong-Eun as she plots her vengeance against Park Yeon-jin, the gang’s leader (younger actors Shin Ye-Eun and Lim Ji-yeon), and the other bullies.

Along with others, the show features Lee Do-hyun, Lim Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon, and Jung Sung-il. Star writer Kim Eun-sook and PD Ahn Gil-ho are the show’s creators and directors, respectively.

Song Hye-kyo is expected to increase her fees post the success of The Glory

Journalist Ahn Jin-young predicts Song Hye-kyo will charge more after The Glory’s enormous popularity. The second episode of the drama, which will finally realise Moon Dong-goal, eun’s will debut on Netflix on March 10 after the first episode debuted on December 30.

“200 million KRW (about $163,000 USD) is paid to Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo per episode. Song Hye Kyo’s salary has recently increased as a result of her success in Netflix’s The Glory.

Fans may be astounded by the star of The Glory’s astounding remuneration. But according to journalist Ahn Jin-young, female performers make less money than male actors like Ji Chang-wook, Song Joong-ki, and Lee Jong-suk.

Ahn Jin-young disclosed that the average episode salary for top male actors is 300 million KRW ($244,000 USD). The top actors earn close to 5.00 billion KRW (or $4.06 million USD) for a typical 16-episode series.

This is significantly more than the star of The Glory’s 200 million KRW ($163,000 USD) annual compensation, which corresponds to $ 2.60800 million USD for the 16-episode season.

Male actors allegedly make more money because they are more well-known internationally and have a larger female fan base than female entertainers, according to journalist Ahn Jin-young. Fans contend that Song Hye-kyo and Jun Ji-hyun are Korea’s top actresses and can carry a major production without the need for a major actor to star opposite them.

One such instance is her pivotal role in The Glory, in which she is the only A-list actor. Therefore, top female performers should receive at least as much compensation as top male actors.

After watching The Glory, Song Hye-kyo claimed that acting became more enjoyable for her.

The amazing actress recently opened out about how playing Moon Dong-eun in The Glory made her love acting even more than before in an exclusive interview with Elle magazine.

The gripping vengeance story has been credited with raising awareness of school bullying, a problem that has existed for a long time in South Korea.

With The Glory, the gifted actor said she pushed herself to step outside of her comfort zone and try something new, which allowed her to emerge from a state of self-doubt and fear.

Her confidence in her acting career was restored by The Glory, though, as she yearned to return to work every day and found satisfaction in her work.

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