Megyn Kelly had this to say about Leonardo DiCaprio. Journalist chastised for brutal roasting of Eden Polani

Megyn Kelly, an American journalist, slammed Leonardo DiCaprio for allegedly dating Eden Polani, a 19-year-old Israeli model.

The Titanic star’s new alleged relationship and dating life were discussed on Tuesday, February 7’s episode of her podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, with the 52-year-old stating that he is “just going to keep b*nging teenagers.”

Speaking about rumors that DiCaprio does not date girls over the age of 25, Kelly said:

“He is now dating a teenager, literally a teenager. He’s in the news every week for how he won’t date anybody past age 25. If he does, it makes news … And now he’s actually gone down to a teenager. She could literally be his daughter.”

Megyn Kelly’s remarks come after Leonardo was photographed with Eden Polani at a Los Angeles party. Following the virality of their photos, speculation began that DiCaprio is dating someone who is legal but under the age of 25.

Megyn Kelly likened Leonardo DiCaprio’s appearance to Madonna’s.
Megyn Kelly compared Leonardo DiCaprio’s looks to Madonna’s in the same rant on her podcast show, saying he looks “almost as bad” as her.

She then advised the actor to avoid alcohol, saying, “He’s bloated — you could tell this guy partied a little too much.”

Kelly praised Eden Polani, saying she is “gorgeous” and “a model,” before adding, “they all are.” She did, however, call Leonardo DiCaprio’s rumoured desire to be with younger women “sad.”

“I feel like this guy from the rate of things is never going to know the joy of meeting somebody who he can fall in deep love with and build a family with. He’ll just be b*nging teenagers for the rest of his life.”

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After Megyn Kelly’s rant about DiCaprio’s young girlfriends went viral, the Twitterati slammed her for her supposed rigid opinions. Several users asked Kelly to mind her own business, while others stated that Polani is over 18 and can make her own choices.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating habits have recently made headlines. He was previously linked to Argentine-American actress Camila Morrone, with whom he split last year, just weeks after she turned 25.

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He was also linked to Victoria Lamas, who was born just months after Morrone and is also 23 years old. He recently made headlines for his relationship with model Gigi Hadid, who broke his dating pattern because she is now 27 years old.

DiCaprio’s previous girlfriends included Bar Refaeli, Gisele Bündchen, and Blake Lively, all of whom were 25 or younger at the time they dated him.

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