Meet Ex on the Beach Couples 2023’s Liam, Leylah, and her ex Samura

Ex on the Beach Couples 2023, MTV’s new reality spin-off, will premiere this Thursday, February 9, at 9 p.m. ET. Relationship expert and “Are You the One?” host Kamie Crawford hosts the second installment of MTV’s Ex on the Beach series.

The sixth season of the American franchise will feature six couples who are ready to take their relationship to the next level and get engaged. However, each connection is hampered by their previous relationships.

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To let go of their past, the couple will engage in difficult tasks and physical training activities. Throughout the process, the series’ contestants will determine whether they can finally let go of their ex-partners and fully focus on their current relationships. Furthermore, the show will make its international debut in over 170 countries.

“The series follows six couples ready to get engaged, but there is one thing holding them back from taking that next big step – their ever-present, ever-lingering EX,” according to MTV.

The couples will decide if they can finally move on from their ex and achieve their happily ever after through a series of intense relationship challenges and strength building exercises.”

Meet Liam, Leylah, and ex-Samura ahead of the premiere of MTV’s Ex on the Beach Couples.
The six couples are about to make their series debut, and fans are waiting for the next Ex on the Beach spin-off with bated breath. Couples will have to choose between getting engaged to their current partners and abandoning the finale episode.

Meet one of the series’ three main characters: Liam Forrest, Leylah Linda, and Samura Kamara, an ex-boyfriend.

Liam Forrest, a British boxer, spends the majority of his time training for fights. The Ex on the Beach Couples star was born in London, United Kingdom in 1994. He is currently 29 years old. He considers proposing to Leylah Linda and putting a ring on her finger while outside the ring.

Liam, on the other hand, believes Leylah still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Samura Kamara, which is why their relationship can’t progress any further. Liam does not believe her repeated declarations that she is over him. The Ex on the Beach Couples star is heading to the beach to persuade Leylah that Samura is not the right guy for her.

Leylah Linda, a British model and TV personality, will appear on MTV’s dating show to find her ideal husband. Leylah has a close relationship with her parents, Nick and Deirdre Piper, as well as her brother, Ollie Dobinson. She enjoys spending time with her extended family, with whom she is also close.

When the Ex on the Beach Couples star first met Liam Forrest, she fell in love with him right away. She even got his name tattooed on her because she felt they’d been together forever. Leylah wants to marry Liam and start a family, but she believes he prioritises his career over their relationship.
Leylah’s ex, Samura Kamara, is now giving her the attention she requires.

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Despite their ongoing correspondence, Leylah knows Samura is no longer in her heart. The Ex on the Beach Couples lady is ready to show Liam that Samura has no place in her life, but Liam must show his willingness to prioritise Leylah.

Samura Kamara, 28, considers his ex-girlfriend Leylah Linda to be the one who got away. They were best friends in high school and dated for over five years. Samura hasn’t moved on from Leylah and believes Liam Forrest, whom she is currently dating, is just a stand-in for him. The Ex on the Beach Couples star is certain she has feelings for him.

So, when it comes to becoming an ex on the beach, Samura recognises that this is the ideal opportunity to reclaim the lady he loves. Hopefully, Samura’s arrogance will not lead him to set sail alone for home.

Ex On The Beach Couples 2023 will air on MTV on Thursday, February 9, at 9 p.m. ET, produced by Entertainment One (eOne), Whizz Kid Entertainment, and ITV Netherlands

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