“Lost in Your Love: A Poem of Devotion and Romance”

Lost in your love, I’m swept away In the gentle breeze of your caress All the cares of the world fade away As I melt in your sweet tenderness

Your touch ignites a flame in my heart A passion that burns with desire I’m lost in the depths of your love A place where I feel safe and inspired

In your eyes, I see a reflection of me A love that’s true, honest and pure Together we’re stronger, together we’re free With you, my love, I’m forever secure

Lost in your love, I find my way Through the storms and trials of life With you by my side, come what may I’m ready to face the world with all my might

You are the one I’ve been searching for My partner, my lover, my friend In your arms, I’ve found something more A love that will never end

So take my hand, and let us walk Together on this journey we’ve begun With you, my love, I know we can talk And face whatever may come

Lost in your love, I am complete A puzzle piece that’s found its place With you by my side, my heart skips a beat And I’m lost in your love, in a world of grace.

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