Is Dhar Mann a married man? Everything you need to know about Laura G in the aftermath of the YouTuber strike controversy

Dhar Mann, an entrepreneur, and his production have recently come under fire after actors working under his studio protested underpayment. Mann is currently married to Laura G, and they have two daughters, Ella and Myla.

After several actors from Dhar Mann’s production, including Charles Laughlin, Collin A Barden, Mair Mulroney, and Vinn Sander, began a protest against the CEO, the company addressed the issue on Instagram.

Collin claimed in a TikTok video that none of the actors at the studio can afford to pay rent, implying a low salary. Mann’s studio, on the other hand, responded to the claim, saying:

“We believe we pay our Actors competitively in comparison to our peers. Extras are paid $18 per hour, while Speaking Role Actors are paid $33-44 per hour. We are proud to have provided job opportunities to thousands of actors and to have paid millions of dollars in actor compensation last year alone.”

They claimed to include the pay rate and length of production per project in the offer letters so that actors could choose whether or not to accept the offer. Furthermore, Dhar Mann’s studio stated that actors are always paid within 72 hours of the production wrapping.

Collin Barden and a few others also claimed that the production fires actors who speak out against the working conditions. However, the studio also denied that claim. They stated that they occasionally stop working with actors if there are complaints about their behaviour from minor actors’ parents, fellow actors, and crew members, or if an actor acts unprofessionally on or off-set.

Dhar Mann’s studio also claimed to take complaints seriously in order to ensure that everyone who works with them has the best possible working experience.

Laura G allegedly met Dhar Mann while working on his cosmetic brand LiveGlam

Although little is known about Mann’s wife, the couple reportedly met in 2018, when the former launched his cosmetics brand LiveGlam from his studio apartment in Hollywood, California. Mann was collaborating with popular makeup influencers on Instagram at the time to hold online makeup classes.

One of the influencers was attending a bridal makeup class when Laura was asked to be the model. Mann, the makeup influencer, a few friends, and Laura went out to celebrate LiveGlam’s success after the class.

Laura, on the other hand, was still dressed in her wedding gown, complete with veil and makeup. Mann was dressed in a white button-up shirt, which gave the impression that he and Laura had recently married.

Mann and Laura G’s friendship eventually developed into a relationship. They also became business partners when the latter was appointed Creative Director and Co-Owner of LiveGlam.

Mann and Laura later became engaged to be married in September 2019. They travelled extensively. Following the birth of their first child, Ella Rose, in May 2020, the couple welcomed their second child, Myla Sky, in June 2021.

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