Hitler reincarnation TikTok controversy, the Felix Cipher egg playlist claim surfaced

After claiming to be the reincarnation of German dictator Adolf Hitler, a TikToker by the name of Felix Cipher amassed enormous popularity.

As some online users get preoccupied with the dispute surrounding his nose ring, they learned that he also has an egg king, which has alarmed some users. It has been claimed that he has also lost his job since becoming unjustly popular online.

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Felix Cipher was questioned about his septum nose piercing, which resembled Hitler’s moustache, and this sparked the Felix Cipher controversy. The bulky jewellery item appeared to be made up of a grey military jacket that was engraved with the German Imperial Eagle, or Reichsadler. The Reichsadler allegedly saw use between 1933 and 1945, when the Nazis were in check.

His official TikTok account has now erased the video that showed off the nose piercing. Cipher, however, addressed the debate surrounding it in a different video. He asserted that he was “in tune with previous and past lives”—one that “just so happened to be a highly infamous one”—thanks to the nose ring.

As of the time this article was being written, his TikTok account was no longer active.

Felix Cipher’s alleged egg-laying kink goes viral

As the internet continues to buzz about Felix Cipher, several curious internet users have taken to Reddit to share their findings on the Hitler impersonator. Cipher was later revealed to have an egg-laying kink, which perplexed internet users. Urban Dictionary explained the kink to Reddit user u/Levislilbrat666.

“involves laying eggs into someone, usually involving aliens, bugs, tentacles, etc. and can be seen occasionally in hentai. There is a lot of art about it on Tumblr, and it’s often associated with the inflation kink.”

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Netizens were also upset when they discovered Felix Cipher had a Spotify playlist dedicated to his egg-laying kink.

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Who exactly is Felix Cipher?

Little is known about the disgraced TikToker, who appears to have vanished from the internet. According to sources, he is a native of Colorado. Reddit user u/nyanzies also revealed that he has his own book series called Heroes of MIDaria.

The platform user also claimed to be a Jewish trans man, which makes the scandal surrounding him even more absurd, as he appears to be a “queer jewish notsee,” according to the Reddit user.

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According to sources, Cipher expressed suicidal thoughts to his ex-partner. He is also said to have visited mental health facilities.

The Reddit user also claims that his mother denies Cipher is a Nazi, despite him boasting about it on social media. She also allegedly liked “all of his Facebook photos.”

According to sources, Cipher was fired after an anonymous person filed a complaint against him with his employer. Cipher allegedly did not work at his now-former job because it did not align with his beliefs.

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After being blasted across social media platforms, he told a news outlet that it is “completely unfounded” that people believe he holds the same political views as Hitler. Cipher has stated that he believes in eugenics rather than genocide. He continued, “I do not believe in racist values as everyone assumes.”

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