Adeed Fayaz, who was he? Off-duty NYPD officer wounded in a Brooklyn heist passes away from his wounds

Adeed Fayaz,
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Adeed Fayaz, a 26-year-old off-duty NYPD officer, was shot during an armed robbery in Brooklyn on Saturday, February 4. On Tuesday, February 7, he died as a result of his injuries.

According to CBS, the shooting happened at 7 p.m. on Ruby Street, after Adeed Fayaz agreed to buy a car through the Facebook marketplace.

According to reports, the alleged seller, 38-year-old Randy Jones, posted the advertisement in order to rob whoever responded. Jones allegedly killed Fayaz after attempting to rob him.

According to Commissioner Keechant Sewell, Fayaz was a 5-year NYPD veteran who was married and had two children. According to CNN, New York authorities are looking into whether the suspect was involved in other robberies involving the Facebook marketplace.

The sequence of events that resulted in Adeed Fayaz’s death

Commissioner Keechant Sewell announced Adeed Fayaz’s death in an official online statement.

Sewell said:

“Police Officer Adeed Fayaz was a father, husband, son, and defender of our great city. Officer Fayaz was shot Saturday night and died today as a result of his injuries. Our department is deeply saddened by his death, and his family and loved ones are in our thoughts and prayers.”

According to Bronx News, Adeed Fayaz and his brother-in-law went to meet “seller” Randy Jones to buy the car for $24,000. Suspicions were raised after Jones appeared to be joking when he asked Fayaz if he was carrying a gun.

Jones allegedly put Fayaz in a headlock before demanding money. Jones threatened the police officer’s brother-in-law when Fayaz said he didn’t have any money on him, allowing Fayaz to flee, prompting the suspect to shoot him in the head.

During the struggle, Fayaz’s brother-in-law grabbed the officer’s pistol and fired several times, prompting Jones to flee the scene. Jones was apprehended on Monday, January 6, after authorities tracked him down to a motel in Nanuet, New York.

In response to the officer’s death, Imam Abdul Razzaq Aziz spoke on behalf of the Mosque he had attended.

Aziz stated:

“The Muslim community in Deer Park is very sorry for his family and is concerned for them. He was a wonderful person. We’d heard of him. He was very humble and pleasant. This is a significant setback for our community.”

Pat Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association, spoke out about Fayaz’s death as well.

Lynch stated:

“(His family is) heartbroken. One day, their son, husband, and father appear, smiling and laughing. He’s brought into this hospital the next day.”


According to CNN, the suspect in the murder has been charged with murder and attempted robbery.

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