Actress Claire Danes on working with Jesse Eisenberg in Fleishman Is in Trouble, saying, “I really did have the dreamiest time divorcing him.”

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Claire Danes recently appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, where she discussed her new show, Fleishman Is in Trouble. She also talked about working with co-star Jesse Eisenberg and their hilarious first meeting years ago at a party.

Danes stated that she did not recall their first meeting, during which Eisenberg allegedly referred to her as his “soulmate.” She stated:

“But I adore Jesse and was overjoyed when he discovered such a strong connection in our introduction. But no. I had the most wonderful time divorcing him. He’s fantastic.”

Claire Danes and Jesse Eisenberg play a couple who are going through a difficult time in Fleishman Is in Trouble. On November 17, 2022, the series premiered on FX on Hulu to mostly positive reviews from viewers and critics.

Claire Danes discusses meeting Jesse Eisenberg, working on Fleishman Is in Trouble, and other topics.

When Jimmy Fallon told Claire Danes about her first meeting with Jesse Eisenberg, Danes said she couldn’t remember when her Fleishman Is in Trouble co-star told her about it.

“I don’t remember the meeting,” she admitted. Yeah. No. He informed me of this. ‘Do you remember meeting?’ he asked at a cast dinner.

Claire Danes also discussed the process of playing her character on the show during the interview. She stated:

“Because we didn’t have much time to practise, it was fairly dense and accelerated. However, our directors, John and Val, who are a happily married couple, put together some exercises for us. So we started journaling together. Curious, we sat in our respective bean bags. That seemed significant.”

She went on to say:-

“And we were given prompts, we were asked questions, and we had about two minutes to respond. And then we read them to each other, like what first drew us together and why we’re disappointed in each other now.”

Claire Danes received widespread acclaim for her portrayal of protagonist Toby’s ex-wife, Rachel, in Fleishman Is in Trouble. Claire Danes is best known to TV viewers as Carrie Mathison from Showtime’s iconic series Homeland.

Her other notable film and television roles include A Kid Like Jake, The Essex Serpent, and numerous others.

In brief, the cast of Fleishman Is in Trouble, as well as additional information

The show revolves around a recently divorced middle-aged man who discovers the world of dating apps. Check out the official show synopsis from FX Networks’ official YouTube channel:

“Fleishman Is in Trouble” tells the story of recently divorced 41-year-old “Toby Fleishman” (Jesse Eisenberg), who plunges into the brave new world of app-based dating with the kind of success he never had when he was younger. But, just as his first summer of s*xual freedom begins, his ex-wife vanishes, leaving him with the kids and no indication of where she is or whether she intends to return.”

Fleishman Is in Trouble was praised for its writing, cast performances, and thematic depth, among other things. In addition to Jesse Eisenberg and Claire Danes, the show features Lizzy Caplan, Adam Brody, and Josh Stamberg, among many others.

Fleishman Is in Trouble is available on FX and Hulu.

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